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Kasey Kahne apologizes for slam of breastfeeding mom

NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne is doing a 180 after tweeting that the sight of a breastfeeding woman in a supermarket grossed him out.

A NASCAR driver is back-peddling after some too-honest remarks on Twitter about breastfeeding in public. After passing a nursing mother at a grocery store,

By Max Tedford NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne took to Facebook on Wednesday night to apologize for a series of tweets about breastfeeding. While at a supermarket Tuesday, Kahne noticed a woman breastfeeding her child and opined about it on Twitter.

NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne has apologized for tweeting disgust over witnessing a mother breastfeeding in the grocery store, but his words of contrition have done little to quiet down the debate!

NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne went on a bizarre, anti-breastfeeding tirade on his Twitter feed yesterday, later deleting his tweets without apology. The speedway champion tweeted he was grossed out to see a woman

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